Why you need to check your receipt when shopping at Iceland

Posted 20th Nov 2021
Yesterday I went into my local Iceland and purchased two items. They should have totalled £4.00 but I was charged £4.50. I didn't pay much attention at first as the store was busy and I was packing away the items until I heard the chap behind me also question his receipt - he too had been overcharged.

I was about to leave the shop but looked at my receipt and noticed the incorrect pricing so asked the cashier to confirm the price. It was displayed at £1.00 but registering as £1.50 at the till. Whilst she was doing the refund, a queue developed and you could see the people in the queue trying to understand why the cashier was repeatedly apologising. I did say to her that its not her fault but that of Iceland.

The next customer had a number of items, the first of which was a bag of crisps. They were displayed as £1.25 but was registering as £2.00. Oddly enough it was the cashier who started complaining as she knew the price was wrong,

Just imagine how many people may have been overcharged without realising. How is it possible for this to happen?
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