Why you should never trust any review quoted by any company……113 :x

    PS: I have a dell laptop but Dell is far from the only one doing this and other review sites have had similar problems and alot capitulate


    Er... is it a surprise? I don't think so. I've been to this industry (reviewing products, that's it) on my own website. Basically here is how it works:
    1. You contact companies to get products for review (normally you speak to PR agencies).
    2. If communication is verbal, then some questions might be asked: a)How much do you want for review?; b)Is competition there?; c)Possible review outcome.
    3. If communication is in writing, you rarely see anything like that. But this is what many companies are expecting from you.
    4. Products are rarely sent back too.

    To be completely fair, most of companies are honest. Some are not - if they don't like your review then they either: ignore you; express their negative views; removing you from list of partners.

    The problem is that if you are reviewing products in specific field (video editing was mine speciality), you end up only talking about two or three companies' products. And then, even if you are entirely honest, your readers starting to think that you are somehow 'engaged' with those companies and biased towards them.

    If you want to check it for yourself, then visit ]Channel Expo (any of these) and talk to marketing guys there (posing as press rep).

    That's why I never trust any review published in magazines. Call it cynical

    Although Dell own Alienware, this is clearly all Alienware - Dell have never pulled any review or review sites because their machines haven't been glowing reviews.

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