Posted 8th Jun 2022
I’ve just received an email from Lebara confirming that Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE are now available, and the services are being rolled out in phases. If you haven’t received notification, you should do very soon.
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    I downloaded a WiFi calling app which allowed me to delve into settings. It shows lots of stuff I don't understand, but two things that stood out - voLTE not provisioned, WiFi calling not provisioned...but won't let me toggle it on ☹️
    Ah. In that case there's something wrong with the provisioning on the Pixel 6 on Lebara/Vodafone side. This is something only Lebara/Vodafone could fix but I'm not sure how keen they would be in looking into this as the roll-out hasn't yet finished.

    One thing you could try is texting the word CALLING to 97888 which is how Wi-Fi calling is activated on the Vodafone network. You should receive a confirmation message.
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    I got the message from Lebara yesterday to say WiFi calling was now available. It is definitely active on my SIM (tested in another device and it worked), however for some reason the option to enable is not shown in settings on my Google Pixel 6 Pro. Any ideas? I've tried Google and they say it's a carrier issue. Lebara just fobbed me off - couldn't get any sense from them!

    Replying to

    True. My brain has turned to mush after a mental week. Bring on the weekend.
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    I find my phone only switches to WiFi calling if the mobile signal is week. I guess the phone or network chose the best connection, for voice calls whether that be WiFi or 4G.

    To test WiFi calling turn on plain mode and turn on WiFi. That way it forces the phone to use WiFi calling. As plain mode turns off mobile radios on the phone. Remember to turn off the plain mode, when finished testing!
    You can actually change it so that it prefers Wi-Fi calling instead of mobile network when it's connected to Wi-Fi. Have a look in your phone settings, it will be there somewhere. (edited)
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    I had the email from Lebara saying it was active for me, but nothing I've tried has gotten it to work.
    I have the option within my phone's settings but it just doesn't work.
    Samsung A20e Android 11.
    Lebara chat no help.
    Texted Calling to Vodafone over 24 hours ago, no response /change.
    Tried the app recommended, failed at step 2 as the crucial options are greyed out which means either Lebara/Vodafone or Samsung don't support it.
    Given the fact that my phone has the option, my money is on Lebara/Vodafone. (edited)
    I've read in another forum that, when a Lebara customer faced with the same issue contacted support, they got the impression that it was a known issue and that it would be resolved within 7 days. Apparently Lebara may actually be sending these texts in haste, before the activation has completed on the account in some cases.
    Not sure how true that is, but I gather there are a few customers who have received the text and e-mail like in your case and not been able to use it. In my case, I've only received a text, no email. However, it's not working.

    When I contacted support, they advised 5-7 working days for it to be resolved. They did give me a case number - not sure if it is for a bigger issue affecting more than one customer or just an individual case number (ends in Y6D9 if anyone wants to compare it to theirs) . Maybe worth contacting them?

    I think we'll just have to wait it out a week or so and see what happens. (edited)
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    I had to text CALLING to 97888 to get both working properly on a Galaxy S22. Took a few days (edited)
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    Bought a new Galaxy S20 FE 5g. VOLTE works but WI-FI calling doesn't.
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    I got this yesterday
    Lebara lied to me! They made me feel special. (edited)
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    Am I right in saying that you can't get a add on/bolt on to be able to use your data allowance abroad outside of the EU and India. Was interested in coming over to Lebara but need to be able to use it outside of Europe occasionally
    Do you make calls or texts directly or just data?

    I've found it much better to get a local SIM and just use WhatsApp and telegram.

    Even better if your phone has a dual SIM slot like mine.
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    This morning I've received a couple of provisioning settings from Vodafone. I think this is them trying to activate Wi-Fi calling on my phone, but unfortunately my phone said the settings were invalid. Hopefully they send out the correct settings again.
    I've still had nothing. I've started the switch to O2. WiFi calling definitely works on my pixel 6 pro on this network (tried and tested with a SIM). (edited)
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    Got the text today, I have a Galaxy S21 FE. Had to enable it from the settings in my dialler app.

    My dad is also with Lebara and has a OnePlus 8 but hasn't received anything yet, probably hasn't been rolled out to OnePlus phones yet.

    If anyone's curious, this is what the text said:

    Dear customer, we are very pleased to share that WiFi Calling and 4G Calling (VoLTE) is now available on the Lebara network. As we are rolling out the service in phases, you are one of our first customers to be able to use this feature. For more information on WiFi and VoLTE and how to set up your devices, visit…lte (edited)
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    It won't be long before they provision it on your account and let you know. Since you have Android 12 then you should be just fine.
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    On Android 10 and works fine for me...Xiaomi that theory on Android 12 is a myth.
    Huawei mate 10 pro working fine.

    VoWiFi (WiFi Calling) had to be used to get it working. Give you some more options too. Annoying ads but you just have to use it once. (edited)
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    Looks like Lebara giving out partially duff info!

    EDIT: Or maybe they just mean Android 12 is 100% supported for Wi-Fi calling but older versions not guaranteed. (edited)
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    Ive had lebara for a while now, been loving it and was super excited for the new wifi calling feature!

    Got the email over 2 weeks ago saying its enabled on my account. restarted my phone a while ago and it came on! WIFI calling and VOLTE!! was so gassed, it worked great for 1 day... Now cant get it to work again. Setting is enabled however according to the vodafone checker tool my phone is not supported :(.

    If it had never worked I would have accepted it but IT DID WORK 100% I had airplane mode on and wifi on and I made a call no problems.

    This has really urked me now, if it had never worked I would have accepted that it was my phone but it clearly isnt.

    Just texted CALLING to 97888 as suggested by rahan (thanks). They responded saying it would take 24hrs to setup.
    Im not going to give up on this!
    I tried all sorts and it never worked for me.
    Out of interest do you have Conference Calling enabled on your SIM?
    Did anything else change before it stopped working like a software update etc?

    I'm in the process of trying with a new SIM just in case... (edited)
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    Spoken with Lebara chat re it not being provisioned on my Pixel 6 Pro and they replied
    Hereon we are not supposed to raise MNO’s for any Wi-Fi calling issues related Google Pixel handsets.

    Vodafone have confirmed that Google have not provisioned Wi-Fi calling for those handsets used under Lebara.

    Please set the right expectations to the customer henceforth.

    Bot CU said:Update from the team

    Sent at August 20 at 10:24 AM

    Bot CU said:
    Update from the team
    I have just been told that wifi calling is not available for Pixel, I have switched to Lebara because it said "Wifi calling". the person I spoke to said its because of a contract issue with Google but they are hoping it will get resolved. Looking at this thread I could be waiting a while and I might have to move
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    VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling is long overdue. It's good to see it finally being rolled out. Lebara agent did say they were provisioning 50k users per day so hopefully will receive that SMS very soon.....
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    Am I right in saying that you can't get a add on/bolt on to be able to use your data allowance abroad outside of the EU and India. Was interested in coming over to Lebara but need to be able to use it outside of Europe occasionally

    Can we use data allowance in India on Lebara PAYG or have to be a Pay Monthly customer?
    If you mean 30 day contract for PAYG , yes all the same perks as 12 month contracts. Shop around for half price deals for the first 3 to 5 months you are with them on sites like Uswitch and MSE
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    Is this network any good
    Runs on Vodafone network so if you get a good signal in your area it's very good. Gradually many of my family and friends are switching to Lebara , mostly they used Giffgaff before.
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    Hi, anyone got a "missed call"-like notification saying "Vodafone WiFi calling" from Phone Services app that you cannot remove whenever you enable it? I have Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G with Android 12.
    Yeah I have it on a Poco F4 with Android 12 and MIUI 13. Didn't have it with my previous phone Poco X3 NFC with Android 11 and MIUI 12.5. Hopefully there a way to get rid of it, it's quite annoying
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    This is amazing news, I'm thrilled to see this on another MVNO. Really hoping it becomes standard on all MVNOs eventually, particularly WiFi calling.
    It has to with the 3G switch off - even Vodafone Basics will get them.
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    Visual voicemail would be cool.
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    Has anyone with Android version older than 12 had it activated on their SIM yet?
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    Just received the same message from lebara to say WiFi and VoLTE calling have been activated. But option isn't showing up or working. Guess I'll need to get onto their support to get OTA provisioning to be sent over.
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    Just had a chat with Lebara support and this is what they said about WiFi calling...

    "1. It will take 24 hours to update all systems. Please confirm with customer when was the email/sms was received
    2. User needs to have iOS 15.5 for iPhones and android 12 version for Android phones.
    3. One plus 7 pro is not officially an approved device for WiFi calling as of now. "

    So without Android 12 WiFi calling won't work (just as I suspected). However VoLTE /4G calling should work with any version as long as phone is supported.

    EDIT: Or maybe they just mean Android 12 is 100% supported for Wi-Fi calling but older versions not guaranteed to work (it may still work though). (edited)
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    Pixel 4a on Android 12. Been with Lebara just over a month now and still no WiFi calling.
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    Just an update on getting VoLTE (and maybe WiFi) calling activated on my Huawei P8 Lite 2017.

    It's been a week since the support ticket was opened for the issue. When I enquired again yesterday was told it would only work on Android 12, that's what the tech team had advised apparently. I said that it worked fine on all the other networks using Android 7 (which happened to be the most upto date version for the phone) but she just said that's what tech team have said. So I ended the chat and opened a new session.

    This time I explained everything again and also gave the agent my IMEI number and a link to the Vodafone website that has a checker tool that shows it is compatible. The agent then said he would ask the tech team again and I should wait for them to reply.

    I'm not holding my breath though...
    Did you get this working in the end? I had an email to say it was activated but I don't have the option on my s20 fe 5g

    Contacted them and they said it takes 7 days so presumably I get an ota update within that time?
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    How long have people waited for a new SIM to have WiFi calling activated?

    I’m 8 days in and ported and still can’t activate WiFi calling (which I need due to poor reception)
    I had my message a week ago and it's still not working on my pixel phone.
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    What phone do you have @majortightwad? I can get it to work on certain phones but had no luck when putting my sim in my Pixel 6 Pro
    Must be a problem with pixel phones as it's still not working for me after a couple of weeks.
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    Really disappointing that my Samsung galaxy M31 android 12 is not supported.
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    Anyone had any joy with a pixel yet?
    waiting for the same thing
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    Just joined Lebara and can got wifi calling working but no volte options in settings? Went on chat and they think it's activated. Any suggestions on a z fold 3
    On some phones it doesn't show in settings but still works. When you make a call does it remain on the 4G network? If so then VoLTE is working. (edited)
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    Wifi calling working on a Redmi note 8 handset with a brand new Lebara SIM. (MSE £4.80 deal)

    However SMS over WiFi does not work - sms not sent or received when using WiFi calling in an area with no mobile reception, even though calling does work.

    Anyone know about this?
    I doubt SMS over Wi-Fi will work as last time I checked compatibility none of the Redmi phones supported this on Vodafone.
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    My Samsung fold 3 waiting for the WiFi calling working done the vodafone 97888 today this is a voafone nz by the way
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    The first step is easy, go to your settings from Home screenChoose the Wireless and networks or More optionSelect Mobile networks > Access point namesSelect the Menu optionChoose New APNThis step involves you to do a bit more so type the following:
    • Name: Lebara Internet
    • APN:
    • Username: wap
    • Password: wap
    • MMSC:…ets /mms
    • MMS Proxy:
    • MMS Port – 8799
    • Authentication type – PAP
    • APN type- Tap internet+mms or type*
    Select > saveChoose the we've just createdNow look at your signal bars you should see 4G, 3G, H, E or this means that the APN is now connected
    Unfortunately due to the way HUKD shows links in comments, on the mmsc line, there is text missing after ""
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    Hopefully I get this soon. I work somewhere with great wi-fi but awful phone reception
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    To update my previous posts, I recently tried it at random and it now works on my Samsung Android 11 handset!
    I have no idea when it finally started working as hadn't tried for ages, but did have a phone system update (not android version) several weeks before so maybe that fixed whatever the issue was.
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    Vodafone is switching off 3g by the end of 2023, so anyone with a pixel device will no longer be able to make or receive calls in the UK on Lebara UK, making the Lebara SIM utterly useless even if it's for 1p. I'd suggest changing to a different phone if you want to carry on using cheap Lebara UK plans, and from what I can tell Lebara or Google will never resolve the issue of wifi calling and volte in pixel devices. (edited)
    You will still be able to make and receive calls and text using Pixel devices. It will fall back onto the 2G network to do so. 2G won't be phased out until 2033.

    I suspect Vodafone will fix VoLTE on these devices very soon though, as it's in their best interest to do so.

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