Wi Fi Printer Separate Ink/ Cheap Refillable up to £100

Found 9th Sep 2008
Hi All,
I need a new printer, and have not really been keeping up to date with what's being going on in the market for the last few years, so I need your help.

My requirements are :
Wi Fi, so I can print from my PC and laptop
separate inks or cheap refillable so it does not cost too much when inks run out. Will mainly print black and white, but require occasional colour.
Ideally - combined with scanner/copier
Reliable - kept last printer for 5 years, hence being out of touch.
Nice to have: ability to print on DVDs CDs but not essiential
Preference : Not too big as space is limited.

I know its a long list, but its not all essential.
Any suggestions on makes/ models, things to watch out for, general tips would be appreciated, even if there are no current deals on at the mo.

Thanks all.

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im after the same thing. but also need and all in one device(printer/scanner/copier) but max £70 quid! any ideas guys?
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