Wi-Fi question!

    Sorry for sounding dumb but my friend's situation really confused me.

    When you get a phone like the Nokia N95, 5800 etc which come with built in Wi-Fi....Is there completely no extra charge for me to connect to my wireless router at home and browse the internet? All I pay is for my home broadband and I can browse what I like on my phone (eg bbc news, facebook etc no downloads).

    My friend went to the US with his n95 on Three and was using wifi at a cafe which was apparently free but he came home to an £80 bill? Three argued for over a month that using Wifi is chargeable even if its to your home wireless router?

    Can anyone offer some insight? I just assumed if I get a wifi phone then it'd save me turning on a computer/laptop just to check hotukdeals, news anf facebook! Now my friend pays £5 extra a month for unlimited internet instead of using the wifi.

    Sorry if I sound completely clueless...


    in theory connecting to your wifi is free but if your phone switches between 3g and wifi this will cost you money

    Hope this helps

    No, there no is charge for using wifi on you home network (other than your broadband fee).

    Your friend must have been 'roaming' (ie, using the 3G connection) as well but not realising it.

    If you set up your internet on your n95 through wifi it is totally free through your home router.
    Make sure the phone is set to always ask for connection though in case it auto connects to your phones 3g or gprs.
    You can also make voice calls through the phone across your wifi using a program called voipstunt.(…tml )

    From this site >>…tml

    Guys just got my N95 to work with the internet telephone. let me give a break down.
    My voip provider is VOIPSTUNT

    Service Profile: IETF
    Default access point: Your preferred wireless network
    Public username: sip:[username]
    Use compression: No
    Registration: When needed (use always on if you want it to stay connected all the time)
    Use security: No
    >Proxy server
    >>Proxy server address:
    >>Username: voipstunt username
    >>Password: voipstunt password
    >>Allow loose routing: Yes
    >>Transport type: Auto
    >>Port: 5060
    >Registrar server
    >>Registrar server address:
    >>Username: voipstunt username
    >>Password: voipstunt password
    >>Allow loose routing: Yes
    >>Transport type: UDP
    >>Port: 5060

    This are the settings I used. and they work perfectly. Made couple of calls just to make sure. Calls to singapore and USA.

    Good luck
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