Wi-Fi Range Help Needed please.

    due to my wireless access point being on the other side of my house i somtimes get a poor signal strength.

    I have a wired ethernet connection in the room but still want to run wireless.

    Is there a device that will plug into my ethernet port and act as a 2nd router in my other room

    thanks, chris


    You can use what's called an access point (basically another wireless router-type device) to basically boost the signal you'll get on the other side of the house and it piggy-backs your connection to the router. You could also try using a high gain antenna probably a lot cheaper) on the router you already have to improve the signal you get too.

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    thanks very much, rep left

    I've bought 3 different types of Arial for our companys wi-fi setup . Bought them from a company called CPC [cpc-farnel ] . They are high gain arials which increase the output by as much as 5db . You unscrew the existing arial on your wi-fi router and screw in the cable and new arial . This will help your reception a bit .
    Check out there website for more details.

    if the pc is in one place buy some homeplugs will me way more stable than wireless over distance

    two three options.. go for homeplug AV, or get aother router and use that along with the ecisting router.. or go for better aeriels!!

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    cheers everyone, rep left for everyone

    just tthought id let you know, adding high gain antennas int he transmit side of your kit will make it illegal in the UK... and EU.. just thought id let you know. Its no big deal btw.. no one checks.. have a look at this website.. they have excellent kit, and their antennas are very very good!!!…413
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