wi fit res numbers for walsall west mids

    hi i have 3 res numbers for argos walsall vaild until monday. i reserved them for people on here because people are selling them on ebay. i think its really bad so if you want one just give me a shout.


    Why the cold votes? Ok, this might not be a 'deal' and maybe voting hot or cold isn't even applicable, but surely this person has done a good thing for anyone who might happen to want a Wii Fit from Walsall?

    Sometimes it feels like you just can't win with people on here.

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    yep lol

    Original Poster

    its th ebay people voting cold lol

    This shouldnt be in deals. It should be in misc.

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    sorry not posted much



    This shouldnt be in deals. It should be in misc.

    agree misc, nice one for stopping the ebayers though as long as you give it to people with sufficient rep/posts on here :thumbsup:

    Moved to misc forum where we usually share unique kind of things like this...
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