recently purchased a kitchen from wickes because it said 50% off + additional 15%. The deal has now been taken off and prices have reverted back to original. The funniest part is when you calculate the price difference now, compared to the discount, it is only 15% , and not 50% +15%. It seems that wickes is taking the customers for a ride with their bluff for 65%. When asked the only response was that their system does all the calculation.


who's mr luis?

The practice of such techniques is called marketing.

Yes, systems that are programmed by their employees. There is a way of getting the same kitchens cheaper than from Wickes. Three years ago we had a new kitchen fitted and had seen one we liked in Wickes. We found the same kitchen in Benchmarx, Farnham, for considerably less and had it fitted by a local kitchen company who made a fantastic job of it. We were told they are exactly the same but always cheaper from Benchmarx than Wickes.

Welcome to the real world!

50% off + 15% off = 57.5% off

Clever marketing, foolish consumers.
All other kitchen sellers have started to revert their non existent sales.

This is standard for almost all sales. You sell at near RRP and then have a 'sale' and sell at a normal selling price, rinse and repeat.

It's like the supermarkets selling a can of pringles for £2.50 one day, then £1 on offer the next.
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