Widescreen Monitor: Configuration...

    I've just got a nice widescreen monitor but I am having some problems with it already.

    The monitor is 20" and is set to 1680x1050...

    Firstly: A lot of the icons in my taskbar and quick launch and blurry, the 'start' button is also not as clear as it could be.

    Secondly: The minimize, maximise and close buttons at the top right of Windows have enlarged massively.

    Thirdly: The BBC Sport web page is shown only on the left hand side of the screen and leaves a HUGE white space on the right.

    Fourthly: Some webpages (including hukd) display extremely small text... HUKD also leaves small gray lines around the site

    If anyone has any ideas or remedies for the above problems, I would greatly appreciate it and kudos will be left...


    Is your graphic card set to output 1680x1050? If it's less than this, the monitor will scale it up.

    When I switched to a similar set up, I had to get a new driver for my graphics, as the one I was running didn't support 1680x1050.

    windows>start >control panel >appearance and themes >change screen resolution.

    Original Poster

    My graphics card is set to 1680x1050 and so is the resolution in Windows...

    Any other ideas - I've got the latest drivers for the graphics card and the monitor...
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