Posted 26th Oct 2019
So I found some cheap furniture on Wido.com. I want a place an order but I want to make sure they are not some sort of scam as I’ve never heard of them before.
I saw some good but more bad customer service reviews on trust pilot.
Has anybody brought from them before?
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No experience, but if you can pay with PayPal or credit card you’re adding some protection. They get good ratings on their amazon store amazon.co.uk/sp?…ID=
We brought from them two months ago. A small chair and table set. One was damaged so they gave us 20% off. The customer service advisor seemed a little inexperienced but the partial refund was sent quickly.
At those prices you're likely to be getting low quality furniture made from cheap and not particularly durable materials.

I'd only buy furniture like that if your local second hand furniture places don't have anything in the style you want, it's not very sustainable.
Not the best from a friends experience. He thought the stock may have been seconds - possibly the reason for damage as mentioned above?
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