The lovely wifes birthday is coming up dont know what to get her,any ideas, help especially appreciated from the lovely female hukdealers.
    She will be getting the usual flowers, chocolates, dinner out ,she doesnt like fuss being made on her birthday but I always try and make it nice for her. She has a whole collection of perfumes, jewellery etc kind of girly stuff but what else can i get her, help, ideas appreciated


    a romantic night away
    an eternity ring
    have u got kids?maybe get her a nice portrait done for her?

    Last year I got the wife some charity things, at Oxfam you can buy treatment for deprived african communities and the like - it went down really well and you get information packs for her showing where the money went and how much good it will do.…fts

    A portrait sound nice. Or maybe a pamper session? Is it a special birthday?

    Day at a spa centre /facial/manicure that type of thing?
    Tickets to theatre/concert


    Its hard to say without knowing what things she likes, but my hubby got me a DS for christmas last year with brain training etc and i loved it. Oh and it was pink!!

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    yeah got 2 little kids, done the portrait stuff, some good ideas coming up. With the current economic climate gotta say will only be able to spend £50ish for her main pressie. thanks for all the ideas though.. big up 2 ya's all:)


    what about the last rolo from firebox (or whatever the site is called) - found it, it was firebox…olo

    Tickets to go and see something for the 2 of you, followed by a meal (if you have kids organise the babysitter too)

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    If i put how old she is gonna be on here, she'll kill me,lets just say she grew up listening to the late 80's music.

    if you got two kids maybe she would like a lie-in and breakfast in bed? help the kids make cards etc..i prefer that to diamonds.

    My favourite gifts are (no particular order) Big Tub Jelly Belly Beans, Pretty Underwear and Nightwear (no raunch!) La Senza/Per Una, Molton Brown/Clarins Goodies, Earrings-as i'm always losing one. Nothing too out the ordinary though, just a lovely little selection. My husband did a treasure hunt for me last year, made up clues and I had to find all my pressies from over the house, ending with a lovely bunch of lillies in the garden. It's true the thought and effort make it so much more special than the actual gift.

    How about a night away in a hotel? get a babysitter for the kids?

    She must be around my age and all these very expensive things are very nice but not that necessary! My best gift was a few years ago breakfast in bed - i love chocs and had 2 cadbury cream eggs in egg cups and heart shaped toast and chocolate milk! Then a few little prezzies which are no longer remember! This was to make up for the scrubbing brush he brought me the year before!!

    nice night out, meal followed by pictures or a dance!!!!

    Good deal but none of your links are working for me...

    After over 7 YEARS, it's not that surprising...

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