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Found 6th Mar
Hi I have window vista desktop which is working great I have been connecting to hub via Ethernet cable, now I want to change it by connecting to wifi wireless. Any suggestion there are plenty on the market so not sure. Thanks
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Depends on what standards your wifi router supports.
I have BT hub
This is what I use, works perfectly. Just plug it into the back or front of your desktop via USB.

mumu3 h, 55 m ago

I have BT hub

Have to be a little more specific as they've made a lot of BT Hubs, does your hub look like one of the following and which one ?

hi sorry it is BT smart hub
mumu16 h, 34 m ago

hi sorry it is BT smart hub

Virtually any USB wireless adapter should work with that hub. Random example at £2.59 delivered ex-UK complete with driver software for Vista: ebay.co.uk/itm…903 . There may be cheaper options but some may involve you having to source drivers and/or excessive delivery timeframes from Far East and those concepts may not appeal to you for the sake of saving £1. If there are a few walls and/or reasonable distance between BT SH & your PC, maybe consider similar with a beneficial external antenna; random £2.99 delivered ex-UK examples: ebay.co.uk/itm…785 or ebay.co.uk/itm…911
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