Wifi booster for virgin broadband

Posted 8th Feb 2017
I have recently upgraded to virgin broadband vivid200. I tried to get a free wifi booster included but no luck. I did get a new hub though, the 3.0.
Can anyone recommend a good wifi booster as the signal is very weak upstairs or will the new hub have a wider wifi range?
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hi, I had the same issue. what you need to do is change the range to 20hz. or 20/40hz. also change your channel number. you won't need a repeater. unless you have a mansion. basically narrowing you signal will make it less likely to clash against your neighbours wifi.
Thanks. It's coming on Friday. Will give it a go
Coming from the original SuperHub, the speed is better but the range is the same.
you can add a old router to a powerline home plug for wifi

My new hub 3 has better range than my 2 did (don't disconnect till I'm ten doors up the street) but I think that's because it's on a different channel as mentioned above.

If the range is short you can change the channel in the hub settings to a less congested channel. (there's not that many channels) and this will greatly improve your signal plus move you router away from electronic items as they can also have a big impact on wireless range.

Hope that helps
Yeah I also recently upgraded the virgin hub and i never use to get a good WiFi signal through out my flat house even though it's small because of old thick walls, now I do.

If not try what ayaz51 posted first before buying anything else.
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New hub arrived and now have full wifi in all upstairs rooms. No need for booster.
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