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Found 21st Dec 2017
Router is in the bedroom upstairs as this is where the phone line comes in, so th signal downstairs is very poor due to it being an older house with all bricks walls. so I am looking for a good wifi booster as the signal strength on the firestick changes from fair to marginal so its very poor. I was also wondering if there was something like the plug in ones you can run from room to room but have wifi booster included, so that I could hardwire one to the router and the downstairs one could use the signal and boost it.
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You seem to know what you are after, why not check them out on Amazon?
Your on the right track, you just need to decide how much you want to spend.

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If you got any old routers that take ddwrt firmware, you can do it for nothing. I used to use the old d-link d615 from virgin fort this purpose, because that's what i had.

Setup one or more up as a wifi repeater bridge, can connect wired and wireless. There's easy to follow, step by step guides you can find on google.
If you have a good amount to throw at this issue you could try looking at the mesh routers eg Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System - Dual Pack


Other cheaper alternatives are available. Repeaters tend to suffer lag which means you get buffering at times, not an ideal experience.
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Had the same problem in our old house, was built in the 1800s and had really thick internal walls, we bought edimax range extenders, cost about £25, they got the signal from the third floor in to the basement and down the garden.
master108 h, 57 m ago

You seem to know what you are after, why not check them out on Amazon?

jb668 h, 52 m ago

Your on the right track, you just need to decide how much you want to …Your on the right track, you just need to decide how much you want to spend.https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0723C86CX/ref=dp_ob_neva_mobile

I Understand what I want to do but not sure of the equipment I need, I really don't understand the differnet makes and models, I.m afraid I buy a range extender and it doesn't do any good. I understand the hard wire link between the electricity sockets utilizing the wiring in your home and would just use those but the firestick you cant run a wire into so the only option is to get the signal better downstairs, so is there something that I could hardwire to the upstairs router then plug another downstairs which just boost the signal?? thanks for replying
You can get homeplug/wifi combos
matth999917 h, 55 m ago

You can get homeplug/wifi combos

could you link some please so I can see what I,m looking for. thanks
amazon.co.uk/BT-…ifi = a super cheap set, but only N150 and AV500 - so ok for ADSL or lower tier cable / fibre - Ethernet speeds 10/100 and wifi speed lower - can only reach the "150" in perfect conditions and clear space to go wide channel (unlikely unless you're in the middle of nowhere), under "narrow channel" N150 is cut to 75 before any congestion and other drains take effect.... It's the most basic wireless N.

Refurbished amazon.co.uk/BT-…FDM even cheaper at £14.99 - yes, this is for a homeplug + wifi pair!

N300 wifi (for increased speed on devices that support N300) - still only 10/100 Ethernet so only good up to 100Mb broadband amazon.co.uk/TL-…ifi

Dual band, if you have 5GHz devices, but still only 10/100 ethernet amazon.co.uk/TL-…ifi

Need higher? Gigabit Ethernet on this one - amazon.co.uk/TL-…_ce

Just making a few random picks, but that BT kit, especially the refurbished, is an incredible bargain - and I'd be surprise if a firestick had anything above N150 - and I'd be wrong, the current model has wireless AC Dual band, not sure if earlier ones do - and if it's got that, then the dual band model (with AC750) may be a better choice, as 5GHz has oodles of space compared to 2.4GHz, so no battle to find a good channel

PS. If you don't have spare wall sockets, then you may need to look at a set with mains passthrough, though you never get passthrough on the wifi unit, only on the router end unit. They should not be used on an extension as it would degrade signal, so the only other choice would be to plug a 2 or 3 3 way block in the wall, with the homeplug and the extension plugged in to it
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