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    Hi all. I took advantage of the deal posted on here for the wifi extender at currys. Unfortunately i am one of those not exactly tech savvy, so i wonder if anybody can help me.

    I think ive got it set up correctly as i can now use wifi in the garden. My only issue is, the tp link wifi extender is an unsecured connection. Is this correct?? Is this how my 'secure connection' home wifi is able to communicate with it???

    I've been backwards and forwards trying to secure it but i cant do it until this notion occured to me. Anybody advise?????


    Which brand and model do you have?

    It is just a wifi extender, not an internet connection, providing you have wifi security on your router, anyone trying to connect will still have to enter the wireless key

    That means it's secure.

    Original Poster

    its the tp link TL- wa854re . .......and more advice is needed please, in fact more help. I thought I had it set up correctly but as it gets to 100% then says

    the connection was reset

    the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

    aaaaaaagh its doing my head in. Ive even rung the helpline but I spoke with someone who couldn't really speak English too well and it fell on deaf ears. Surely cant be this hard can it????

    When you alter settings and save, the extender will restart to implement the changes.

    That's probably the reason it says that
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