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Posted 15th Jan
Hi, can anyone recommend a good WiFi extender?
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Use a mesh system. Don't bother with a plug in WiFi extender they're garbage
MonkeyMan9015/01/2020 09:23

Use a mesh system. Don't bother with a plug in WiFi extender they're …Use a mesh system. Don't bother with a plug in WiFi extender they're garbage

Yeah? Any mesh systems you would recommend?
tra1nor15/01/2020 09:24

Yeah? Any mesh systems you would recommend?

I have the tenda mw5 and it's fantastic so I can recommend that one. I have a 3 bed semi.
I have Tenda MW3 mesh in 3 bed basement flat with thick stone walls, good signal everywhere now. Highly recommended and quite often come up on here as offers.
I only have 70mb Virgin so don't need anything faster than the MW3, you might find the MW5 (above) would suit your speeds better.
Thanks all, will keep an eye out for tenda deals
Just to add i have tenda mw3 but i can only get adsl so as mentioned maybe look at more advanced models like others have mentioned. I work in IT but also have no interest in IT and it actually astounded me how easy it was to setup, made for an interesting jolt of activity in my brain for a few seconds before returning to flat line. They seem to be on deal often. I think there's a lack of dhcp control on reservations but just pointing that out to look into if that's your thing!
First things first;

> Which ISP are you with? Most have multiple routers in their lineup and some are better than others

> What type of house do you live in? If it has lots of foil backed insulation, you have a different problem.

> What's the scope of your problem? One PC or multiple different devices? My wife's laptop had a very poor WiFi card in it (1702). Doesn't matter what I do to the network. I need to change the card. My laptop works fine, so do the TVs, Sky boxes and Xbox

Plug in wifi extenders are not, as suggested above, garbage. In the wrong situation, they do not improve reception. Just like antibiotics don't cure colds. Don't automatically associate spending money on new tech with a fix for your problem
Plenty of grindable info on the same question asked weekly for this kind of deal on hukd, some threads better than others pertaining to info.
Go look
Is depends what you want to do too. I use an old router as a bridge and it basically passes the signal on so it can extend to my garage. It does halve the speed mind you but I t is fine for what I need
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