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Found 21st Dec 2017
I have a dual band Sky Q Hub and half my devices are 5ghz, half are 2.4ghz.

Might be a stupid question, but if I'm looking at extending the coverage in my house, is a dual band extender essential? Surely getting a single band £15 one will only extend the coverage of the 2.4ghz devices and not those such as games consoles?

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I've never met a 5GHz device that doesn't also support 2.4GHz.
If you use a single band extender on 2.4GHz, it will extend the 2.4GHz network only - and if a 5GHz capable device was out of range, you'd have to switch it to 2.4GHz if it doesn't have dual band fallback - on my 5/2.4GHz android phone, I used a prioritizer app to switch it to 5GHz if the signal was acceptable.

You may find homeplug + Wifi preferable to an extender, as the Wifi end can be placed where needed, rather than having to find a spot between the source and the wanted area... it's no use placing a repeater where there is nothing left for it to work on.
2.4ghz extenders are hopeless, get a dual band one
Don’t get the one from Sky themselves. Got it in the past and it killed the bandwidth. Went in the bin and bought a tplink one.
It's not essential but it is preferable.
You need to decide how much performance you require and budget accordingly.
I upgraded from a Homeplug AV500 2.5GHz to AV1200 dual band and the speed in my study has almost tripled.
I thought sky q mini boxes were supposed to do this job
pavthebeast2 h, 16 m ago

I thought sky q mini boxes were supposed to do this job

Supposed to yes, but it is terrible. Works great if standing directly next to them otherwise an absolute waste of time.
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Basically, the hub is awful so I want to replace it with something that will give me a full strong signal throughout my house. Standing next to the hub over WiFi I get half my download speed via tests even though I have full signal.
I’d recommend a mesh router with a couple of units you can cover a large hone and put the hub into modem only mode. They are expensive but worth it. Many brands do these such as google, Bt etc.
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