Wifi finder (keyfob sized and wep/wpa display)

I'm looking for a small wifi finder that I can use to check for open wireless networks without pulling my laptop out on chance. I know of the Kensington one but that just shows signal strength and not network info (so I can see at a glance if it's free or not). The only other one I've found so far is this one but it seems like a bit of overkill (usb access point etc).



I'm was just about to buy this from Aria.co.uk:-
It seems to do what I want and seems cheap.


not what ya looking for soz..deleted

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Thanks Dambuster. That one doesn't show network information like if it's protected by wep/wpa. I don't want to steal anyone's signal but often cafe's and such will have free wifi so it would be handy to know if it's free or protected before sitting down and cracking open the laptop with a cup of coffee

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Yup that's the kind of thing tazandsaz. From the looks of it I think the dynamode, zyxel and trendnet devices are all the same, just with different re-branding.


not what ya looking for soz..deleted

What was it?

ah, well i hope ya kept the site lol cos i edited my post.


What was it?



The Dynamode WL-GI-700-HOT is a fully featured combined Wireless USB 2.0 compliant adapter, perfect for Laptops and Desktop’s alike who want to connect to there existing 11Mbps or 54Mbps Wireless Routers or Access Points. But that’s not all. A first for the industry is that the Dynamode WL-GI-700-HOT includes a powerful wireless network (WLAN) radio finder – great for network engineers and end users alike who need to locate and correctly connect to a Wireless Hotspot such as BTOpenzone™ and other WLANs at home or on the road.

The Dynamode WL-GI-700-HOT is everything you need to connect to the WLAN is shown on the large built-in LCD display including SSID, Channel, Encryption (WEP, WPA) and signal strength in histogram format.

Thanks Taz.

Hey that's very useful Thanks tazandsaz. Maybe you would like to post it in Hot Deals ;-)

ok will do rayman :thumbsup:

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If the Trendnet version is a rebrand (it looks exactly the same) it is slightly cheaper at expansys where it is £35 including delivery.

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