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    I am not up with WiFi technology, hence this question. I have just upgraded to a WiFi enabled Smartphone. I am able to connect to the Internet from a local free hotspot, but I am unsure if I actually get charged for the connection by Orange. Anyone know?


    in most cases like airports you would need to either:
    1. pay per connection
    2. take out a monthly contract
    In some case (coffe shops) they make it quite clear if it's free.
    Easy way is ask at the location you need it.
    Alternative is a 3G contract.
    Cheers, T

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    Ok. If I am in the local library, which has free WiFi, does Orange charge me to receive the data transmitted to my phone?

    You will not be charged by Orange if you are using a free Wifi connection as the connection is with the provider and not Orange.

    you are already paying your service provider for the service, so no additional charge would be made in somewhere like a library

    i find using multi map is good it tells you all you local free wifi hot spots also mcdonalds are now doing free wifi:thumbsup:

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    Thanks everyone for your help.
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