WiFi on your PSP.


    im after a Wifi connection for my PSP, im not after a router just something like a USB key or similar.

    i already have a router so dont really want to get a wireless router.

    and one no of anywhere that does them cheap or takes codes.

    thanks in advance.




    OK, your PSP has built in wireless but im assuming you know that!

    And you're saying you want to transmit your existing broadband connection from your PC using a USB key?

    Bad far as I know, not possible at the moment!

    You'll have to get a wireless router or wait approx 10-12 months for W-USB Key technology to appear on the market - currently in development.

    Why not just buy a wireless modem/router combo and sell the old modem and/or router?

    There are wireless network extenders available - but they cost a min of £40-50 - you're better off buying a wireless router all in one as it'll be cheaper!

    Also, the PSP's wireless is notoriously fussy - so I'd say sell your router and buy a wireless router. Plenty of deals in the hot deals forum.
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