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Found 24th Jul 2018
I am looking for a wifi laser printer and I have seen the Samsung Xpress M2026W, which I may be interested in.

It has the following description for wifi printing. Does it mean that I would need to upload documents to google cloud from my pc before I can print through wifi rather than print directly from a pc folder?

Wireless printing
With built-in NFC, you can connect your enabled Smartphone or tablet to the Xpress M2026W and enjoy hassle free printing. This great feature means that you can simply tap your device on the designated zone to start printing the documents on your device, instantly.

The printer is also Wi-Fi enabled so you can create hard copies of emails and documents stored in Google Cloud or Apple AirPrint. You can even use your mobile device to print a variety of content through the Samsung Mobile Print App.
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You can print directly to the printer from the PC.
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