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    I have a Netgear wireless router and want to use a PC in a portacabin outside. I bought a linksys USB xceiver for the PC but it can't see the network. I can get coverage just outside the portacabin though. Am I better off buying a wifi extender or would there be an option to get a long USB cable and mount the linksys in a weatherproof box outside?


    I'd say that extender should help. Or maybe you can try Hi-Gain antenna? Such as ]this one. Or even better, this one.

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    I do have a hi gain antenna on the router. I don't think the one on the Linksys is changeable

    You need an external aerial because of the steel walls or you could try positioning the receiver or indoor extender near a window.

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    The aerial isn't changeable. If I'm going to try near the window, I'd need a longer USB cable. That's why I was suggesting putting the unit in a weatherproof box outside

    Here's something a bit leftfield. If both buildings are on the same mains circuit, you could always go for a mains-based lan. They're getting pretty cheap these days:

    Try here:…t15

    Or here:…132

    Just a thought!

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    Yes, I saw them.....different power supplies though. Maybe a piece of CAT 5!!

    Bit borderline, but can you bump up the routers current to increase the signal a bit? I can do this on my Linksys router using aftermarket firmware. Maybe worth considering only if you're getting desparate! :thumbsup:

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    The router is Netgear. It's only the USB xceiver that's Linksys
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