Hi guys

    Was wondering if anyone here would be able to tell me which wii modchip this is, I can't tell - the linky is here:…jpg

    That is from my proper wii...

    As a sidenote would anyone be interested in buying a faulty wii?

    Thanks for your help


    To me i would say you have a d2c wii and that is a d2ckey, i have the same chip.

    What is wrong with the wii and how much?

    Original Poster

    Thanks niggit, after googling it, it looks like it is a d2ckey as you said , thanks

    There is no picture or sound displayed and the disc drive doesn't work so its pretty dead lol, no idea of a price

    First part happend to mine. Has to go to nintendo to be fixed, it's the main board gone. and the drive aswell, i think it's done in, lol.

    don't know the price, but i do know it's not much :-D

    You mod your wii and nintendo will still fix it?

    What comes with the broken Wii?


    You mod your wii and nintendo will still fix it?

    No, to be honest they prob would not look at it.

    Use the clip, then if it goes wrong, have it taken out, send it off. Then put it back in
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