Found 16th Oct 2007
Just bought DD a Wii for xmas (touch wood)

I am now looking for the following

Wii Play (with controller)
apparently I also need a charging station?

Anything else I need?


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You don't 'need' a charging station to play the wii, just an accessory if you know what I mean. You can still make the most of the Wii without it. In fact, I think it breaks the controllers!

Wii Play if you find it from shops will also come with the Wiimote. If you plan to play multiplayer games, you will need the nunchuck with accompanies as a controller with the wiimote.

You'll need a classic or gamecube controller if you wish to play VC/GC games as its awkwardly unplayable with the Wii's contollers.

Also worth considering is the Wii component cable if you have a HD Ready TV to boost the graphics to 480p.

Original Poster

yes the tv is HD


yes the tv is HD

Id recommend you getting the official Wii Component cable then. Your TV should have a component slot.…V90

Not sure if its the cheapest though, but theres an example.

Original Poster

do you know where the cheapest place is to get the nunchuck please

I am still looking for the wii play

The cheapest i've seen wii play is on the ]virgin megastore site £27 delivered. However if you have a virgin credit card you can get 10% off that making it £24.30 though it does say the availability is usually dispatched within 2 weeks

Nunchuck on virgin megastore is £15, again with 10% for paying with a virgin CC it's £13.50 again a 2 week delivery

Was going to order a nunchuck form virgin but seeing the 2 week delay i went for a nunchuck from amazon market place for £13.57 delivered

Hope that helps

Yesterday I ordered a nunchuck from for £11.99 with free next day delivery.
I don't know if they are still in stock but it might be worth you having a look.
The next cheapest is at £13.99.
Hope this helps

Original Poster

thanks miss.p just checked and they have none left at the Hut

I got Wii play and another nunchuk through powerplay direct. Used quidco also. Was the best deal when I was looking (and it was in stock;-) )

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