Wii Accessories

    Since some of us have bought a Wii from John Lewis…317 recently , I wonder if anyone can suggest a good, reliable, and cheap place to get accessories from.:whistling:

    Specifically, I am interested in getting a twin/dual recharger dock for the wii-motes, with rechargable batteries and also a RGB enabled SCART AV lead.

    Any ideas? A quick froogle has brought up such a SCART lead for about a…501 fiver and the dock…gle here ,…px/!827126?cm_ven=Froogle&cm_cat=MIX&cm_pla=SE&cm_ite=Feed here , and…wv/ here .

    Has anyone used these stores or products? What would you suggest?




    i bought an official componant cable for my wii. £17.99 from Play. Which i reckon is a fairly decent price.

    There's some cheap tat here! --> ]LINKY

    hmv do a 2 remote dock/stand for £15, but you have to use rechargable batteries -AAA, it also can charge one pair of AA at the same time.

    I used an XCM component from play-asia, worked out about £13, also hooks up to PS3/2 & Xbox 360, you use a switch to flick between them.
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