Wii and 360

    Hey there
    This is for people who own a 360 connected to live and mainly use it for online play and they own a wii as well.
    Which do you find yourself wavering for?
    I have a 360 at the moment but may be buying a wii of a member on here
    Im just worried I won't play it that much
    What do people who own both think?
    I have friends round sometime, but not all the time so wouldnt always be on multiplayer


    its good for getting you up but graphics and gameplay better on 360

    Original Poster

    Oh Yeah I know that
    But do you find your wii sitting gainging dust?

    I own both but find the Wii is only really used when others are around, unless I'm playing Mario Kart online.

    The 360 gets more 'solo' use if that makes sense!

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    Yeah makes perfect sense

    mario kart is great online though, when you are online you stay for a long time, well i do,:)

    I have both and rarely touch the wii

    not many great games on it

    I started off with a 360 and had it for about a year, during which time I played it religiously every day I was at home for around 6 to 8 hours sometimes more as I used it for games and media. I then purchased a Wii as I quite liked the idea of a different approach to gaming with it being more physically interactive.

    During the few months that I had the Wii I hardly played it at all and ended up playing the 360. Needless to say I sold my Wii. The 360 stayed and COD4 still ROCKS! :w00t:

    I have both and only use my wii to play my bro on mario kart, its worth it if you have someone to play with.
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