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Found 14th Oct 2010

Anyone got a wiikey chipped wii and use backups?

Have you ever put a backup in and it updates ok then error comes up, then the next thing you know your wii will no longer read discs.

When you put disc in it comes up "Unable to read the disc"

How did you fix it?

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you tried with an original game since

you tried with an original game since

Yep, unable to read the disc.
what game did you update from ?
The new Wii Party

The game might be a NTSC, apparently if you do the NTSC firmware update on a PAL Wii, you brick your Wii. NTSC firmware update is different from a PAL firmware update. So if you put NTSC firmware code on a PAL Wii thats that.

But i'm not sure if my Wii is Bricked, has it still as the menus etc. It just won't read discs.
try cleaning the lens with a CD cleaning CD first or search google on things to try for wii not reading disc's .

Then maybe search on a way into the wii key via software sd card/ or try and force and update to pal firmware via Nintendo system eg a firmware update via menu rather than it to be disc based but if wii party uses the latest software that is on Nintendo's server you would have to wait for an update and then there would be no guarantee it would re-flash or fix your issues and tbh you should not have been putting any new firmware in without seeing which is the latest you can go to and have the wii key functionality remain.
thats your best bet to play from hdd i have 160 on mine so easy,, download,put on hdd play,,thats it..no disc no updates ..no fails,,just simple,, set two mates up with same thing..hdd a really cheap now too..
^ Of course you do
I was joking.

It used to take me 3 + hours to back up mine (Single Layer) with my lg dvd rom read to a pc (well not really reading it) adn then burning the backup. I gave up after about 40 games and now just put them to a 1tb hdd some only take me 30 seconds to back up now (super fruitfall for eg) and when I say now I mean I used to as it's been about 8 months since i last backed up / installed any game via the wii int drive.
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Thanks guys for your advice.

dontasciime try cleaning the lens with a CD cleaning CD first or search … dontasciime try cleaning the lens with a CD cleaning CD first or search google on things to try for wii not reading disc's

I have sent off for one just in case. I think i'm clutching straws though, the wii was working 100% I put disc in, press to update, it updated, update completed, press A, black screen came up, error has occurred.

Do you know of any tutorials in regards to going down the SD card route dontasciime?

There are Wii Fix Guides and Nintendo Wii Repair Guide ebooks, also wii fix discs on the net stating they can fix the "Unable to read the disc" problem. I cannot find any DL links.


interesting post
google wiiso or wiihacks

sounds like a update from a differnet region, i go via hdd route these days , but you should find the answers in those forums

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Had a similar problem with my wasabi v1 recently after an update.
Sounds silly, but put an orginal music CD or DVD in and after it reads that try a game disk again.
Worked for me, might for you!
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