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    I am planning to buy a Wii console (preferable with a bundle) and have shopped around online to find the best possible price.

    I have managed to narrow down on one Wii Bundle on, but am not sure whether it will include all the stuff which is commonly supplied free with a Wii console.

    The link for the Wii console bundle (£149.99) is here:…tml

    It comes with a free game 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' and the usual 'Sports Resort'.

    But I am not sure whether this will include the:

    - Wii Sports Game
    - Nunchuk
    - Wii MotionPlus

    The product description for this item doesn't tell me anything about the box contents.

    I am so confused because there is another 'Wii bundle' available on the Zavvi website which explicitly says that it includes the Wii Sports Game and Wii MotionPlus. It does not include any additional free game and is more expensive than the above bundle, it is £154.95.…tml…tml

    I am not sure that why the price for the Bundle 1 (£149.99) is cheaper than the other two bundles (£154.95) even though the latter does not have any free game.

    Are there any old and new hardware versions? Or will they not include the Wii Sports/Resort and MotionPlus in Bundle 1.

    Can someone help please.


    If the bundle comes with Wii Sports Resort, it won't come with Wii Sports, but it should come with the Motion Plus accessory.

    A nunchuck will also be included as well as the remote...


    The Wii console always comes with the remote and the nunchuck....sports resort contains 1 motion plus controller

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    If the bundle comes with Wii Sports Resort, it won't come with Wii Sports

    But, the Nintendo Wii info webpage says that:
    Included with the Wii console are two games: Wii Sports and its sequel Wii Sports Resort.
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    ^ You have you're answer then.

    Yes, but am confused as the Bundle 1 above doesn't explicitly say that it has the "Wii Sports". Could it be an old version/model?

    ^ You have you're answer then. Just look at the box where it says includes wii sports and wii sports resort

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    Just look at the box where it says includes wii sports and wii sports … Just look at the box where it says includes wii sports and wii sports resort

    But the box for Bundle 1 doesn't say anything about wii sports and wii sports resort.
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    every Nintendo (uk) wii comes with wii sports as standard it's just been updated to also now include the sequel and motion and a nunchuck

    ask zavvii

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    ask zavvii

    Yes, have done that, but no answer yet. Looks like they don't know or will not answer.

    ^^ every offical nintendo wii bundle

    The hut (zavvi owners) have same deal ... Ages ago you bought wii and you got wii + controller (standard and no nunchuck) and Wii Sports

    At sometime they decided to include a nunchuck .. They also now have motion plus which they bundle instead of wiimote.

    I would guess the hut and zavvii will be selling you the older wii with the standard wiimote controller (no nunchuck*) you will get wii sports and they are bundling it with sports resort which should include the motion bit you add to controller) (if thats what that is) they are also chucking in Super Smash Brothers Brawl

    *I'm not sure that I got a nunchuck with my new wii console from a few years ago

    lol my wii box was behind me on top of cupboard all the time ..It did come with 1 nunchuck
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    This is from my box

    Sports resort requires the motion+ and nunchuck so it would be a pretty useless bundle without them
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