Wii, Can you get demos

    hi chaps.

    got a wii but havent plugged it in yet, gotta wait till i get home.

    But im wondering, does it let u download demos from a marketplace or something? like 360 does?

    If so will i need extra memory to do this?

    Or does anyone know if there are any magazines that offer cover discs for the wii?



    not yet mate

    u can buiy virtual console games ie snes n64 games from the wii shop channe!

    no demo downloads yet tho!

    extra memory = SD card

    if u got a camara with a low memory best thing to do is use that and buy ur cam a new sd card

    Original Poster

    aye i got sd cards kicking around.

    its just i have not owned a nintendo since the Snes, and i really dont know what game i wanna get for the wii, so i wanted to play some demo's.

    I dont really want games which are better on the xbox 360 (cod3 and graphics games like that). I want games that'll be alot of fun. Everyone says zelda is great but when i played it on the snes i only found that style of game to be ok.

    Shame u cant get demo discs.

    Zelda has got better since the older days imo *hides from any attacking gamers* So I'd say give it a try, otherwise it depends what games your into. I'm a fan of mini party games so I like rayman. Hopefully it'll get some nice platformers and i'm hoping (though i won't let myself hope to much), that it will bring out a good point and click style adventure rpg like you used to get on pcs in the good old days as the wiimote would work with them.
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