wii channel i delted by accident do i need it

    on the wii i delted the channel under the photo channel thats titles wii and the internet, it looked to just be a video when i went to it

    do i need it?



    isnt that the shopping channel? wont it come back if you update

    you may well need it.....just update your wii and it will come back!!

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    i have the latest up datei the shopping channel is still there its

    goes disk channel mii channel photo channel shop channels
    forcarst something else and then wii an the internet channel


    The Photo channel is for viewing photos from SD cards inserted into the Wii, you can download it again from the Shopping channel for free. I never use it as I've got my 360 connected to my network.


    sorry misread your post, go inoto the shopping channel, it will be in there

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    i havent bought the internet broswer from the shop either


    you dont need the browser to into the shopping channel, thats to use the intenet like we are, i think


    cant you turn your wii off, and turn it back on and connect to wi-fi maybe it will come back

    the internet browser used to be free. now you have to buy it, if its the actual internet browser channel you deleted.

    edit : looks like you deleted a video advertising internet capabilities or something.


    you sorted it

    should be fine looks like a advert for products i think
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