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I dont know much about the Wii myself but a relative has asked me to find a charging thing for the controllers that doesnt need the wii to be turned on in order for them to charge. Theyve had 2 or 3 different ones already but all require the console to be on to charge the controller which is apparrantly no good as when you want to play youve got to wait for them to charge.

So can anyone please recommend one that can charge on its own just by being plugged into the wall?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

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just use rechargable batteries, i was looking into getting one of them charger things and everyone said dont bother, so i never and far easier to just use rechargables, got a couple of sets, those charger things you also have to remove the rubber cover things to charge

i bought the docking station the one that the console and everything sits on the wii dosent have to be on for them to charge i only bought it because i got it from the deal on here for about £15 from argos i think it was it does keep everything neat and tidy looking thats why i like it.

We have 2 types of charger - there is one that goes into the Wii unit and as long as the Wii is not off (on or standby are fine) it charges. Rarely is the Wii totally off - only when we go away so it is not a problem. The other charger is quite separate from the Wii though it matches the Wii unit for colour. It is always on unless it is unplugged. It came with the Wii. The one that plugs into the Wii we got off ebay for a tenner or so.

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Thanks guys, I think what I need is the one Aberdeen is talking about which is always on unless unplugged, any idea on the name at all?

this is what we have and its great no mor betteries either...…htm

Amazon have some good stuff too, do a search there with wii remote charger - there are a few options depending on how many remotes your firiend has
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