Wii - Cheap Component or HDMI?

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Found 3rd Jan
Want the best from the Wii on my HD TV, so would a cheap £3 component cable, or Wii2HDMI adapter be better?


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I had the HDMI and it was amazing but I don't know about the component cable

Max resolution with a Wii is 480P so you might as well go component and keep an hdmi socket free on the tv.
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Won't the HDMI adapter be better though?

Doesn't perform any upscaling so there will be no difference.

480p/576i will be the best you'll get regardless, it'll look pretty rough if played on a massive TV and look ok on a smaller one.

Go for the official component cables, not the cheap garbage, I had the official ones, picture was amazing, on hd tv, stay away from the cheap ones, waste of money, buy cheap .....you know what I mean.

Emulate it or buy a crt/projector. Wii is so fugly in HD it makes me shudder.
Plenty of Wii Us out there.

I use component cable with no issues. It will never be PS4 quality

Cables are one of those things that are often vastly over-priced. I've been using a set of component cables that cost me a fraction of the Nintendo official price. Picture is great and never had a glitch in 8 years. My buddy is on his 3rd official cable and it looks no better.
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