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    dose anyone know if there is anywhere near southampton that can chip a wii? or a cheap site that can do it? thanks i have seen a few but they all want way too much



    my friend got her wii chipped for £70, but she had to send the wii off to the guy in post

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    thanks but i just prefer not to send it away and £70 seems to be alot off money but then agian for the company to send it back to ya it would be around £10 specil delivery the chip is around £25 so it cost £35 just for someone to spend 5mins on it

    found it for £58…tml

    £70 is way too much, max i would pay is £40 including return with them supling a chip. wii free is fone, also ask them to mount it externally so you can update it your self. i done a few wii free installs, as long as you have a good iron, good tip and a steady hand then you should be fine. unless you have one of those new wiis with the legs on the chip removed then you should get some one with some experience to do it as you could really mess it up.

    you can actually get the wii free for free, and its not just a five minute job as you say. one wrong move with the iron and it could be the end of your wii.
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