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    I have seen all the games you can download for the wii online I presume you need your Wii chipped for this? Also what Im enquiring about is where can you get this done? how much is it and is it a big risk? Would appreciate peopoels advice, thankyou



    do you mean the old games you can get online using the wii points? such as mario kart that was on the n64? if so you dont need a chipped wii

    Obviously that would be completely ilegal, however, if you want to make back-up copies of games you already own then yes you need to chip your Wii :whistling: :thumbsup: :whistling:

    this might help:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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    no i want to download games from torrent site and be able to play them on the wii

    My wii decided to update itself today to firmware version 3.0, however this update appears to have killed my usage of freeloader to play my imported gamecube games on the wii. I however do not know what affect this firmware update has had, if any, on modchip usage

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    loveabargain can yoiu get wii chips from that site? clicked on it but didnt see any
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