Wii classic controller on Homebrew???

Found 15th Jan 2010
Hi Guys,

Hubby ordered a 3rd party Wii classic controller through dealextreme which turned up yesterday. Plugged it in and was able to navigate through the main Wii home channel; however when he loaded up the Homebrew channel, he had to use the wiimote as the classic controller didnt work. Hubby only bought it to play the snes and megadrive emulators!

Has he done something wrong or bought the wrong type of controller?
I take it the classic controller should work on the emulators?

Thanks for you help - Sara x
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As far as i'm aware, the classic controller is the wrong one. I think you need a Gamecube controller that is wired and plugs directly into the Wii console.
Thank you thesaint, can anyone confirm this?
yup from what i've read you'll need a gamecube controller
Thanks Guys.
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