Wii component cable (480p) -Help needed

    Thinking of getting one of these -where do all the coloured plugs go 1 blue, 1 white 1 green and 2 red ?
    Anyone advise me what goes where into the tv.
    I have a 42" Plasma HDTV.
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    The RGB (Red Green Blue) go into component on your TV. The seperate red and white are audio and should have corresponding "audio in" red and white connectios on the back of your TV.

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    Thanks -does this make much difference to the picture ?
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    Thanks -does this make much difference to the picture ?(nearly 1000 posts)

    I think so. You have to change the Wii settings to 480p too.

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    Thanks again

    A component cable gives you the best picture quality for a Wii, it's not bad over RGB but I definitely think it's worth having it connected over component if you have the facility available.


    i agree with John.... the picture quality with from my wii is a lot better using a component cable

    I think it makes a pretty noticable difference, i would definitely recommend it.

    One thing to be aware of though is that some of your older Virtual Console games won't work while your Wii is connected this way. Super Mario Bros and Legend Of Zelda won't work on mine, but Mario 64 does (N64 supported Component connection i think).

    There were quite a few people with this problem last year, it may have been fixed by now; i don't know as i haven't bothered with the VC since i got this problem.
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