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Found 26th Jun 2007
hi there, we have just got our Samsung PS42Q97HD, thing is, what is the best way to connect a wii? we have a xbox 360 that will be going through component, we arent sure what to do with the wii in respect of connecting it - any ideas would be very much appreciated!

(can you buy a 2 way component splitter that dosent need to be switched? - as it will be going behind a wall), please help a boggled brain!!!!!:p :giggle:
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Has TV got vga? If so, 360 = VGA, Wii = Component!

If not theres always the good old composite
it has, 3 hdmi's, av, s-video, component, pc, dtv - really stuck! please help!
Think PC is VGA,. Use that for 360, and component for Wii
do i need a seporate cable? what's it called?
i have a component switch box with i use. works great.

you need to get a componet cable for the wii though, the standard cable it somes with isnt good enough.

got mine from ebay, a 3 way component splitter box.

sorry, mine has a switch on it. but it also has a fairly long cable so sits nearer the wii and 360 than the tele.
The Wii has not got the same HD graphics as the 360 (nowhere near it).

You'd be hard pushed to tell the difference between the Wii via scart & Wii via component (I have a 50" HD tele & cant tell on the Wii) - you can with the Xbox though
so can i just get a scart to connect the wii to the tv then? will it be a good quality picture?
Yep - it's sound

About £6 from Ebay (you should have one with the console though ??)

i changed from normal cable to component onmy wii, and i can def see a difference. i have a 42" LG, lol, and i just switch cables when i'm using my 360.
where is the switch? near the consoles? (as my tv is going on the wall, i dont want switch to be in wall!!)

that scart, is it the same as the one it comes with ?
290131964601 - is this a similar thing? is it anygood anyone? - would i put the 360 and wii to this, then join the end of it with a coupler and extend with longer component cable to back of tv, is this right?

Think PC is VGA,. Use that for 360, and component for Wii

? Prob solved?

No need for any more boxes, just change the source channel?
Why don't you put the 360 through the HDMI?! - Will that not then give you the best display possible for that machine and put the Wii through one of the Scarts - OR, don't even connect up the Wii. Put it back in it's box and resell it - You'll be bored of it within 2 months, once the novelty has worn off.
The standard 360 does not have HDMI - you need the Xbox 360 Elite for that which hasn't been released here.

I'd recommend the earlier suggestion of putting the Xbox through the VGA (PC) connection and the Wii through component - to do so you simply need an Xbox 360 VGA cable and possibly an audio cable of some sort depending on your TV.

Sorry, just assumed the XBox had HDMI.
any ideas where i can get a 4 metre one of those?
no, a vga cable 4m for xbox
i think i would prefer an extension on the composite cable for the wii - please help someone!!!!
[SIZE=2]It's easy enough to pick up a VGA extension lead - once you have an Xbox360 VGA lead, you can then pick up a 3m VGA male to female lead.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]edit: Just thinking, if you are running audio through the TV you'd need cables to extend the audio as well[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]You do not want to run composite from your Wii to the TV, it's a poor quality connection which looks particularly bad on HDTVs. RGB scart is the way to go for a non-HD connector but an extension lead is probably going to be slightly trickier.[/SIZE]

tell me about it!!! its got my head 'battered'!!!!
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