Wii Console and Wii Fit Package (Or Wii Fit Plus)

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Found 31st Dec 2009
Hi, wondering if anyone knew of any good packages out there inc the console and wii fit or wii fit plus? Thanks


I was thinking the same.... I am sure a quick scan for similar on here would come up with a few though.... Otherwise the 'usual' places that have been mentioned on here pre-xmas have probably still got stock that they are about to bundle up.....
I keep telling myself NO!! But I know it's only a matter of time before somebody on here makes me say YES with a good starter package! LOL!!

Asda have the wii fit for £69.71 which is the cheapest at the moment, the packages aren't great at the moment were actually better before Christmas. If you don't desperately need it I would wait until the end of January when stock levels are back up. Saying that my HMV still have the Wii for £149.99 on managers special.

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Thanks I have been ummm and ahhhhin bout gettin one for ages... might check out HMV? Or as u say wait for a while...

~Mmmmmm - I think a fair point well made....

I want one - but can afford to wait a while... But I am desperately tempted like you though! LOL!!
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