Wii console, how much should i sell this for?

    I have a couple months old wii console which has been modified 1x Nunchuck, 1x Wiimote, 1x Classic Controller 1x Driver Parallel Lines game 1x Wii Sports
    Plus 11 free backed up games (but will be trading the originals in):whistling:

    whats the best way of selling this, and how much should i ask for it?

    Selling because I barely use it, too much of a 360 gamer


    Ebay i would say, there are more about atm and more due towards the end of the month so i think it will soon be the end of the £250-300 basic packages on ebay.

    Having said that the fact it has been modified I guess would give it extra selling power.

    If your looking to sell somewhere like here then, add up all that you paid for it (though not the prices for the backed up games) It goes against the rules to sell for profit here (afaik) so you'd be looking at asking what you paid, plus a bit for the modifying if you did that yourself - if you paid to get it done add it to the price.

    Best route would be ebay, and start the bidding at the minimum you'd accept for it so you don't get a nasty shock

    If someone narcs to ebay about the mod then they remove the listing.

    People are getting wii back in stock but if you can keep it until December you might get more for it.
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