wii console-opinions please

    Just wondered what people think to this as you only hear really about xbox and ps3 or psp .
    As i haven't got any of these (only a ps2 ) i may now consider a wii , just because its different - not good at making decisions ,so thought i would ask opinions on here .


    to get my 2 pence worth in i love mine gives a whole new feel to gaming and is good for exercise too hehe, makes a change to the normal method of playing, altho it can make you look a complete idiot too!! Also watch out for zelda its addictive!!

    I've got a 360 and a Wii, and can say that I enjoy playing both of them, the Wii is great fun and I think its going from strength to strength it has a lot of potential, its great fun with some friends or for a short workout (there's a more serious workout software planned for Christmas release with a foot pressure pad) and the graphics are getting better (Resident evil 4) plus you have the web access (Ebay, Google etc). I think its a winner.

    I love the wii, its great if you have people visiting as just about everyone has fun playing the games with you and there are some decent single player games out there at mo, with more to come.

    In the house we have Wii, PS3 & Xbox 360 Elite.

    Wii is the only one I like, great fun with the smaller kids so I just leave the older kids to use the PS3 etc.

    Tried the Xbox last night with that Halo "game" and couldn't even move the character correct with the joystick.

    I bought a Wii, as like you I felt like a change to something different from my PS2. About 2 months later I got bored with it. Once the novelty wears off, I found the games are pretty boring and bog standard with last-generation graphics.

    I traded it in and bought a PS3 which I'm much happier with.


    i get cramp in my left hand using the nunchuck :-(

    wiis really good if you have people around also there are loads of 1 player games.

    Best money we have ever spent. We have a PS2, XBOX 360 and Wii. The Wii is great family fun, something for everyone and some games we can all play together.

    Wii Sports is great and I doubt you'll tire of bowling or tennis. Other than that, limited in many ways. I like it.

    Absolutely brilliant - especially with friends & family, having said that i haven't posted for 5 weeks due to getting totally hooked on resident evil 4 which is a 1 player game!
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