Wii console & Wii fit question from complete console newbee

    Looking to buy a used Wii & Wii fit. Can someone tell me please what the difference is between the Wii fit and the Wii fit plus? If i was to buy the Wii fit and balance board, is it compatible with the plus??


    Wii fit and Wii fit plus are two of the games you can get to work with the balance board

    Wii Fit was the 1st release of compatible games with the board
    Wii Fit Plus is Wii Fit with additional exercises etc
    Think of it Wii Fit Plus as Wii Fit, erm, plus extras

    Yeah Wii Fit/Wii Fit Plus are just games. The Wii Balance Board is the same.

    The Wii Fit Plus is just an upgraded re-release it just has more exercises in addition to the originals.

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    Thanks all....thats cleared up my confusion

    No problem.
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