Wii Controller and Nunchuck - best deal?

    Just ordered the deal from Wilkinsons. Need to get another controller and nunchuck. Preferably by the weekend!

    Anywhere do quick delivery (and cheap:whistling: ) apart from instore somewhere?

    Thanks a lot!:)


    I'm after the same thing tho, would rather Wii Play tho also with the lot, worth it for a few quid more.

    Wiimotes are £22 and change on Amazon, but I'm not sure about delivery as it's not Amazon itself and a couple of the stores are US based. Nunchucks are £12-13 there too. Were the cheapest I found, although you could probably import them for less (they're region free), you'd never get them for the weekend if you did though!

    Virgin online sell the remotes for 25 quid too, and I'm fairly sure theres a few other places around that price.
    Nunchucks I found for 14ish all over, but Amazon was still cheapest.

    Someone I am sure will be able to find them for less than I have, but I figured I'd throw this out as I had been looking.

    Can't find Wiiplay for less than 30 quid though, and I'm not sure that it really justifies the extra 7!

    You could use Littlewoods or the other various catalogue comapnies which are associated with the. If you use the various discount codes floating around, you can get yourself a good deal...but be warned, it may take time

    £29.89 Checked on Find Games + Its coming from the UK, and you get like £10 on fleabay for it. :p.

    Wii Remote £27.99 inc delivery ]here

    Wii Nunchuck £13.99 inc delivery ]here

    Hope that helps...:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    atlewis + 6% Quidco, just wait till … + 6% Quidco, just wait till its back in. +4% Quidco but in stock.

    Thanks Everyone! Went for the powerplaydirect one. Lets hope its shipped quickly:-D
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