Wii D2C Chip - will this modchip do?

Found 9th Sep 2008
Ok, I've opened up my Wii and the chip says GC2-DC2, there is also some numbers underneath it, and it has a metal clip on the dvd-drive with 2 stamped on it.

Will this modchip work with it:


Or do I need the D2pro?
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It says at the bottom of the ad that it's for D2C chipsets only, so I guess it's good.

btw, I'm pretty sure you still have to solder the open end of the clip cable, presuming your going to buy the WIICLIP V1 (D2CKEY ) as well, to the mod-chip. But it is easy solder, so just a tiny blob for each connection on the chip to clip-bus-ribbon connector points.

Soldering the d2ckey directly to the wii's d2c drive by wiresand not using the clip is an extremely difficult job, the chip legs are unbeleivably tiny and it requires @30 solder points.

I'm not up to speed on wii-drive chips, since I done my wii a long time a go now with a wii-key (old wii's only). Hopefully someone might know an easy/better alternative.
Thanks Meangreenie, I don't want to solder anything to my Wii, but I don't mind soldering the chip to the WiiClip - i'd actually prefer it.

How can I be certain I have a D2C chip and not a D2C2 chip? Any experts here know how to check that?
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