Hi all you knowledgeable Wii guys and gals!
    This may be in the wrong forum but I was wondering if you could help me with a purchase of a Wii....I've been looking over the past few days and I've found an offer that looks pretty good but would like your expert views on it before I buy.

    The offer is:

    Nintendo Wii Console
    Includes Eledees + Happy Feet + Cosmic Family + Bionicle Heroes
    For £232.50


    Nintendo Wii Console.
    Includes remote + Wii Sports + Nunchuck controller + Super Mario Galaxy + Crash of the Titans + Sonic and the Secret Rings + Remote docking station + 1GB SD Memory Card (Extra Wii remote & Nunchuck not included with the docking station
    For £246.25

    Nintendo Wii Console
    Includes Zelda + Super Mario Galaxy + Wii Sports
    Wii Dual Charge (extra Wii remotes & nunchuck not included with the dual charger)
    1 GB Sandisk Card
    for £247.50

    Which is the best buy?


    Have you done a search to see the best price they are available for individually? Bundles rarely represent value for money.

    TBH I'd buy a Wii the console on it's own, and the games that you want seperately. As thesaint said, bundles aren't always good value for money, as nowadays shops (such as GAME) tend to package items that they can't shift (i.e poor games and the SD cards) and show the saving off the RRP to make it seem a good deal.

    For example, the RRP of the SD card is about £20, but can be picked up elsewhere for £3-£4
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