wii disk jammed

    My nintendo wii is making grinding noise and the disk wont eject.I saw my daughter earlier near it she may have put something in the drive maybe another disk.It has wiikey installed but i think its the drive thats the problem,has anyone else experienced this and taken the wii apart to fix etc...


    switch it off then on again, as soon as you power it on, press the eject button. This 'should' eject it before it starts reading the disk

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    just tried it a few times mate just keeps making grinding noise any other sugestions

    Yup....The drive is gone. Mine did the same thing. Bought a new wii and had it modded again. If you keep looking the net and you will only find out what i've told you. You can't buy the drives and nintendo wont fix it because it's been chipped. Sorry to hear that it had happened to you but if you decide to sell the wii i would like it for parts. Thats about all its good for now sorry.
    It's actually the cogs thats in the drive. When i opened mine i had 4 teeth broken off mine. Probably the same as what you've got. So give me a price you'd want to sell it for please.

    yeah it probably is the gears in the drive, doesn't sound too good.

    i don't know how good you are with fiddling with things but i would try getting a dvd drive from a botched mod chip install and stealing some of the gears from that.

    I got my wii repaired - if you pm me I can give you guys website and you can email him, tell him problem and see what he quotes. He is a single dada and does it in his spare time cos it fits in with looking after kids but he does give 6 months warranty...not sure if he does drives but cant hurt to ask!

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    I experienced the exact same problem with my wii, my son was messing around with the wii, when I tried putting it on it made a really loud grinding sound. Many people told me that the drive needed replacing. i was gutted at this advice as I had the wiikey chip installed.

    To cuta long story shotr, I took it back to theguy who installed the chip and he fixed it. he explained that a disc had been inserted into the wii and another disc was attempted to be forced in, which actually bent the mechanism in the wii. No matter how long you turn it off for or unplug it at the mains it will make no diference.You need it looked at by the person who preferably had the chip installed.

    Hope the info helps, cos I was really stressed when it happened to mine. Pm me and ill give u details to guy who fixed mine

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    its in a shop being looked at i should get info on whats wrong with it tommorow then its up to me if i get it fixed there or go elsewhere,thanks for your advice though ill see what they say tommorow and get back to you,cheers

    I had exactly the same probelm with my wii and daughter! Weird grinding noise unable to eject the disc etc. I asked by 2 year and the response was hairclip daddy. Took it back to HMV who gave me a full refund + the game stuck in the drive and this was 9 months after buying it. See if you can take it back. Good luck
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