wii double docking station/charger needed

    we got one off fleabay for christmas but its not working (never really charger/light flikes from red to blue all the time).
    can anyone reccomend me one that they have used and that does what its supposed to do please?
    many thanks x


    i've got mine from Argos...…htm
    its great, works a treat

    I bought one from choices for £9.99, waited about four days for delivery, (free p+p). Basically you connect them to the back of your wii via a usb that comes with the unit, and it charges a battery unit that you put in your remote, (you are supplied with two of these), so you don't have to fork out for batteries every week for the bloody thing. Only had mine for a couple of days but so far it is working fine!!!!

    Original Poster

    great guys, going for the one from choices, ta very much!!!!!!! rep for both of you!!!

    I got one from Amazon that holds the console too and got ones with a bundle from Argos. Wish I had got one with the cooling though for console as I do notice they can heat up and would hate it to crash and burn over me not spending a few quid more. Dealextreme do lots of nice Wii stuff - and my one plugs into usb port on Wii so power difference shouldnt be a problem, just takes a few days longer to get!
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