Wii DropZone?

    Following the earlier thread of Wii Fit for £49.99. Has anyone had experience with them. Had a google checkout invoice come through and order is apparently pending.

    Has anyone risked it?


    I saw that before it was pulled.

    I'd avoid.........Wii Fit for £49.99 and Zelda & Zapper for £9.99. Too good to be true.

    Original Poster

    cheers will do.

    Hi there.
    I bought from this site on the 11th june. I was told it was being shipped and then 5 days later I recieved a refund from google? Don't know if google knows something or not? Would like to hear from anyone else who has had the same or if they have recieved anything! The hunt for the ellusive wii fit goes on.

    :)hi it was me that posted it and was told to avoid:?so dident continue with the google checkout just emailed and said i wasent paying to cancel my order a thought it was a scam:?had it on a bingo forum and a few of my mates carried on and ordered it and low and behold they got it could kick myself now:x

    The site no longer exists so i wouldn't kick yourself too hard............i'm sure lots of people are regretting it.
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