Wii Dumbbell Weights anyone?!

    Add some weight to your Wii Fit Workout

    Trading in your gym membership for a Wii Fit?

    Need to add some resistance to your workouts?

    Introducing riiflex, a weighted attachment designed for the the Wii remote. Soon gamers and fitness enthusiasts alike will be able to turn their Wiimote into a weighted dumbbell.

    Be among the first to receive this innovative product by submitting your reservation for preorder today.

    * Designed for the Wii Remote (Wiimote).
    * 2LB and 5LB increments (currently proposed).
    * Allows access to all Wii Remote functions.


    looks good but i bet it will be another thing you wont be able to get
    i think the fitness part is trying to locate the board

    i was lucky got mine last summer from game

    These look good can you pre-order anywhere?

    EDIT ^^^^^ sorry was being lazy again, only available to the US to reserve and nothing
    at all about them on the Nintendo website ( presume they are not official?!??!?)

    Original Poster

    they don't look official, but im sure more imitations of them will be out soon
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