Wii Family Trainer


    Does anyone have the Wii family trainer? if so, what is it like?
    I got bored of the Wii fit within a few weeks so sold it on!

    Also, how many games does it have on it?
    Is there only one version, as seen advertised as wii family trainer, and Wii family outdoor trainer!

    Finally! does anyone know of anywhere that has good deals on this at the moment?




    we have got this, it has ot about 15 games on it , to be completely honest i got very bored of it very quickly, however my hubby and friends think its great.

    i will admit it is a laugh to play but it can get quite repetitive . it would have been better if it had some challenges you could try to unlock.

    the best price i found is 37.71 at asda

    mornin is your wii modified cause dealextreme have the mats for around $28 then you could source the games by other means hth :-D

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    Thanks Patchy,

    I did have a feeling it may be quite repetitive! and if it lacks challenge then may not be for me!
    Then again, I can always sell it on once bored - as I did with the Wii Fit! - depends if further games come out that can be used with the mat!

    I was wondering the same thing, the fact it's one of those dance mats puts me off getting it, the games look fun though, hopefully they'll bring a similar game out that's compatible with the wii fit.

    Here's some screenshots btw!…wii

    My hubby got me the wii fit cos he knew i've been after it for ages, tried to hide it from me but I got the blooming delivery at the door and knew instantly what it was.

    I would never get rid of mine even if it did become repetative as there are more games planned for it, for instance a cheerleading one soon that I know my kids will love.

    Same with I'll never get rid of Mario Kart as I made that mistake with my GameCube one and could never get it back again.

    I'll be picking up the family trainer soon too and I would imagine that more games will also come out for that too.

    I reckon the Wii is the most fun I've had with a console in a long time.
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