Wii Fit

So who's got it and what do they think....? i brought it yesterday had a little blast its very clever how it works...... Dont know how long the novelty will last....!


I love it. I am aching already after doing a couple of work outs.

I am sure the novelty will wear out but my wife and I are trying to set aside an hour a day to train.

£60 for a home gym (well you know what I mean) is not too bad.

Did you know that if you click on the Wii Balance board in the background on the page where you select Aerobic, Balance, Yoga etc you can do a special balance test?

The little image sometimes pops up with an exclamation mark to notify you of this.


hmv del today i hope

Yeh I'm pretty impressed by it.
My parents are due over today,my Mum wanting a go.
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